Flower Arrangement Lesson

This class is perfect for people who:

  • Wants to create a flower arrangement using fresh flower. each month 
  • Would like to decorate your home with arrangements that fits the season and holiday perfectly 
  • Wants to be able to obtain floral designing skill that will be useable in the real workforce
  • Would like to make wreaths and centrepieces for different occasions using artificial flowers

Date and time will be adjusted to your schedule. Please let us know if you are interested through "Contact"

・Lesson Price $15
( The price is for 2 hours. If longer than 2 hours the price will be $22)

・Material fee around $40
(The price is usually few dollars less or more than $40  It is to change according to the material)
・Lesson takes place either in the morning or afternoon session on weekdays/weekends
・Each class has 3~5 people. Every month the curriculum will move on with the same members. 



日程や時間帯はご要望に応じますのでcontact us からお問い合わせください。


材料費 $40前後

平日 の午前、午後   か週末 の午前か午後の2時間



Workshop is open every change of season. For more information please visit the Facebook page or our website. Some examples include:

  • Spring or Autumn wreath arrangements
  • Mother and children Workshop
  • Christmas Workshop


  • 春や秋のリース、アレンジメント
  • 親子でアレンジメント
  • クリスマスのワークショップ など。