Valentine’s Day Bouquets
Special Offer for

All Yamaha Music Staff
*20% OFF*


We make your Valentine’s Day hassle free!!
1. No need to find flower shop.
2. No need to go to flower shop.
3  No need to wait in the long line up.
4. We deliver right to your office on Friday, February 13th.

Pick your bouquet and colour!

Each bouquet

has extra filler flowers and Aspidistra leaf
is designed as New York Style Bouquet and comes with fancy wrapping 

Bouquet # 1
Be My Valentine
$70$56 (20%Off) +Tax

12 Long Stemmed Premium Roses 

・ One Colour (Red/Pink/White/Purple/Yellow/Orange)

・ Pink Based Mix 

Bouquet # 2
My Sweetheart
$120$96 (20%Off) +Tax

24 Long Stemmed Premium Roses 

・ One Colour (Red/Pink/White/Purple/Yellow/Orange)
・ Pink Based Mix 


・ Please place your order by Friday, February 6th for the Yamaha Discount.
Sample of the flower will be displayed in the lunch room or entrance lobby at your office building from February 2nd - 6th.
・ Storage of flowers: Please store flowers at the temperature between 4  and 20 ℃ (e.g. Inside garage, basement). DO NOT leave your flowers outside or in a car.

Our design is different!
Useful Tip: Drying Flower

Our bouquet is designed to be easily enjoyed as dry flower as well. For your special person why don’t you leave your feelings with them as long as you can.

How to dry flowers the simple way:
With our bouquet design drying flowers in a vase is effortless. Place the stalks with wrapping in a few inches of water and forget about them. Once all the water is evaporated, the flowers should be upright and perky, but dry. Simply use the vase as a table decoration or remove the wrapping, tie a ribbon around the stems and hang on the wall.



Delivery Date  : Friday February 13th, 2015
Delivery Place: Yamaha Music Canada Office

In case the date above does not work for you, the pick-up is also available 10am-7pm on Saturday, February 14th at J-Town (Steeles & Woodbine, 3160 Steeles Ave E, Unit 6 & 7, Markham). Please let us know in advance for this arrangement.

Placing Your Order

Option 1: If you pick “Online Payment”,
You will be receiving an order confirmation and online payment request via email from PayPal within 24 hours after the order has been confirmed. (A PayPal account is NOT necessary to make a transaction.)   

Option 2: if you pick “Telephone Payment”,
We will be contacting you for taking a credit card payment over the telephone within 24 hours after the order has been confirmed.  

Cancellation Policy: It is free to cancel before noon on Wednesday February 11th 2015Please be aware that there is no cancellation of orders is accepted after noon on Wednesday February 11th, 2015.