Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Combining our highest quality flowers, exquisite design and professional, personal service, Fower Bell will make your special someone to have an unforgettable experience on Valentine’s Day.



Our design is different!

Useful Tip: Drying Flower

Our bouquet is designed to be easily enjoyed as dry flower as well. For your special person why don’t you leave your feelings with them as long as you can.

How to dry flowers the simple way:
With our bouquet design drying flowers in a vase is effortless. Place the stalks with wrapping in a few inches of water and forget about them. Once all the water is evaporated, the flowers should be upright and perky, but dry. Simply use the vase as a table decoration or remove the wrapping, tie a ribbon around the stems and hang on the wall.

Bouquet Selections

Each bouquet,

- has high quality roses
includes Filler Flowers and Special Leaf
- is designed as New York Style Bouquet and comes with Fancy Wrapping


Bouquet # HD
Hugs and Kisses  

6 Long Stemmed Premium Roses

・ One Colour (Red/Pink/White/Yellow/Orange)

Bouquet # 1D
Be My Valentine

12 Long Stemmed Premium Roses 

・ One Colour (Red/Pink/White/Yellow/Orange)

Bouquet # 2D
My Sweetheart

24 Long Stemmed Premium Roses

・ One Colour (Red/Pink/White/Yellow/Orange)



・ Storage of flowers: Please store flowers at the temperature between 4  and 20 ℃ (e.g. Inside garage, basement). DO NOT leave your flowers outside or in a car.

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